#1 HOW TO SURVIVE FUTURE SHUTDOWNS by 911 29.03.2020 17:00

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The world has been put into a crisis such as never been seen before,the shutdown,the closing of almost everything on the ground including social places,businesses etc.Mankind has become so advanced that chemicals are now used as warfare.These chemicals result in a disease like ebola,corona etc.This is the reality of things on the ground.We must now learn how to survice any future shutdowns.
1.FOR EVERY DOLLAR THAT YOU MAKE save 10c or more and put it aside for future use in emergencies.
2.LEARN TO SURVIVE THROUGH ONLINE ACTIVITIES.There is nothing wrong with selling physical goods like computers,clothes online,but also sell digital products that the customer can download after payment.Digital products are not affected by shutdowns.If you want to make money online,here is a great example,you can sell website creation services here http://tinyurl.com/qkg7urg
3.BUILD A PLACE AT HOME TO STORE GROCERIES AND ESSENTIALS.This place can store 3 months to 9 months groceries and stock them as and when necessary.
4.ADAPT A LIFESTYLE THAT IS HOMEBASED.Grow vegetables in your garden,work from home etc
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