#1 THE CORONA VIRUS POEM by 911 13.03.2020 16:38

Oh great mountain do you see this disaster
One we can overcome if we move faster
Prevention is the answer quick treatment is the master
A collected effort will win the day and surely corona,we will ouster
If we do not move fast the economies of the world will fall
In the thickest of everything else a mere virus will stand tall
Oh great mountain can you here a hounding cry
A cry of the innocent as they will ask why
It is everyone's responsiblity to fight this new monster
Share prevention information,stick up a poster
Oh great mountain are you closer to God?
We need His intervention we tend to concerntrate more on gold
Wash your hands with soap before you touch your eyes,mouth or nose
Those parts of your body are quick to expose
Oh great mountain have you become a friend?
We will see this corona issue through and everything will mend

By Raymond Mafukidze
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